Frequently Asked questions

How Do I Reserve A Puppy:

            1. Go to the Application Page and Submit an applications.

            2. We will contact you and you will send a $400 non-refundable deposit.

            3. Once we receive the deposit you will be put on the list in the order the deposit is received.

            4. After the puppies are born and 4 weeks old we will contact you to pick out your puppy.

            5. At 8 weeks old you will get to take home your puppy and pay the remaining balance.

What does F1 and F1b mean?

            F1 is a 50/50 mix of 2 purebred dogs.  So an F1 golden doodle is 50% golden retriever and 50% poodle


            F1b is a 75/25 mix.  For a golden doodle it is an F1 goldendoodle bred with a poodle. This makes the dog 75%                   poodle and 25% golden retriever.

What is a guardian home?

            A guardian home is where a qualified family can enjoy the privilege of having one of our puppies live in your home.          We give you the puppy and reserve the right to breed the dog 4 times. We cover all costs of breeding and welp the puppies in our home.  Following the breeding, the puppy is turned over to you to keep forever as your family pet.