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What is ENS?

You say you do ENS training, but what even is ENS training? Have you ever wondered that? ENS stands for Early Neurological Stimulation. This was a technique created by the US Military to create what is called a "Super Dog". They wanted to improve the performance of dogs and did studies to find when they can have early neurological stimulation to create lasting results.

When puppies are born they are only able to crawl, smell and suck. They cannot see or hear. They even rely on their mom to lick their stomach to promote digestion. So when they are in this fragile state, a little bit of stress creates superior advantage in the long run! ENS training is completed when the puppies are 3 days old until they are 16 days old. This is the prime time when there is rapid growth of their neurological system.

There are 5 exercises that are done to the puppies. They are only done for 5 seconds each and only once a day. There is:

  1. Tactile stimulation (a q-tip between the toes)

  2. Head held upright

  3. Laying on the back (supine position)

  4. Head pointed down

  5. Set on a cold rag on all 4 feet

They have observed 5 benefits to this ENS training.

  1. Improved cardiovascular performance

  2. More tolerant of stress

  3. Resistance to disease

  4. Strong heart beats

  5. Stronger adrenal glands

There were also other benefits. The puppies that had ENS training are better at problem solving, calmer, and easier to train. Things that are stressful for other puppies are not stressful for them. They remain calm and figure them out. They pick up on training quickly.

Our hope is that by doing ENS for your pups, you will have a better experience and smarter dog!

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